Diversification Visits For NextGen Group


Another encouraging turnout saw returning members, as well as new faces, come together to create another great atmosphere among the group. There was a real sense of the group beginning to gel and mix, one of the core motivations behind the conception of the NextGen network.

James Blyth’s enthusiasm for his own diversification project was extremely relatable as he talked through the various stages, challenges, and successes he encountered over the past 20 years. From establishing a focus for the project when he left university, to the challenges he faced through the past 18 months of Covid. We are sure that this will have sparked some ideas for the group, and so this was a relevant way to kick the evening off.

As the evening progressed, the group ventured to Fishers Gin in Aldeburgh, after an obligatory pit stop at Aldeburgh Fish and Chips. The group were taken on a journey of the production and flavouring of their products by founder Andrew Heald, who, again, was extremely passionate about the brand he has established. Whilst this part of the evening was more focussed on a diversification project that has distanced itself from conventional farming routes, there were completely different, yet equally inspiring, messages to take home. The gin tasting session was also greatly appreciated!

A huge thank you to both James Blyth of Friday Street and Andrew Heald of Fishers Gin for an enjoyable and insightful evening.


If being part of NextGen is of interest to you, please speak to Jono or Hollie in the office, or drop us an email on [email protected].