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Crop Marketing

Our crop marketing team provides a comprehensive marketing service for members’ combinable crops.


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Competitive prices paid for all combinable crops, maximising quality premiums, and enhancing value by targeting grain to the optimal destination

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Top performing grain pools are available providing an excellent risk management option in these times of pollical uncertainty and volatile commodity prices



We tailor our marketing advice to meet individual members' needs, whilst our expedient logistics, administration and payment functions ensure hassle free trading



In addition to our strong balance sheet, we operate a risk-free trading strategy whilst all sales are covered by credit insurance

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Pool Marketing

Pool marketing provides a simple, safe method of marketing grain, generating consistently above-average returns without the inherent risks of ‘spot’ selling. 

Our pools provide an opportunity to add value through quality premiums with a choice of payment dates, access to advance payments at favourable rates, credit insurance on sales, storage options and flexible haulage arrangements.

They are managed by grain market professionals and are supervised by a committee, including farmers directors, who set the sales strategy and monitor pool performance, ensuring that members derive maximum benefit.

Feed Prices

Competitive Spot Market and Forward Prices

We offer a wide range of marketing options to suit all farm businesses. Using our in house expertise, we confidently offer unbiassed market advice and competitive prices across grain, oilseed, and pulse markets.

In the past, Fram Farmers have traditionally been recognised for strong pool performances. Adding to this, the ability to offer competitive "spot" prices completes a well rounded grain marketing service.

Forward planning is becoming increasingly important when it comes to running YOUR business, and this is where we’re here to help.

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Reliable and Familiar Hauliers

Working with reputable hauliers that are local and familiar to our farmers allows us to execute grain sales in a slick and hassle free way for the grower in most cases.

The haulage industry faces major challenges in today’s world, but this is an area where our Crop Marketing Team excels.

"Fram use hauliers who are local to us which means they can often load at the end of the day, and they’re familiar with our more remote grain stores, again, saving us time and effort." Mike Shapland, Farm Manager at Foskett Farms

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Buyback Contracts

Fram Farmers can offer a greater range of ‘buyback’ contracts by working closely with seed breeders and end users of grain. This will add value to forward contracts by:

  • Locking in premiums for sales effectively.
  • Offering attractive terms and intelligence on seed contracts.
  • Improving the range of alternative cropping options for Fram members.

Learn more about our buyback contracts here.

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Fram Farmers pool marketing is an ideal solution for our contract farming arrangements. Both parties have the confidence that grain is being marketed to maximise our returns giving us the opportunity to focus on other areas of our business