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Livestock and Animal Health

Our qualified specialists purchase an extensive list of livestock products for dairy and beef cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry, as well as horses and companion animals.


Access To Feed And Animal Health Experts



We have relationships with regional and national feed importers, manufacturers and merchants, purchasing over 200,000 tonnes of feed per year


Feed Purchasing

Our industry specialists follow the fluctuating markets to assist you with independent insight for your livestock business needs


Animal Health Products

Our R-SQP qualified staff provide excellent service to members by working alongside suppliers to ensure competitive pricing 


Livestock Equipment

We have long standing partnerships with suppliers who offer competitive terms for all equipment

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Feed and Feed Groups

We closely follow the markets, focusing on buying straights, blends, compound feeds, minerals and fats making the decision process easier by forward planning requirements and advising on the best time to buy.

Pooling members' tonnage, we facilitate compounds and blend groups in regional areas for set periods, reducing the risk of price volatility to secure maximum savings. We also work alongside our members' nutritionists ensuring best cost returns.

We have long standing direct accounts with key manufacturers and suppliers that enable us to offer excellent prices and a full range of products.

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Animal Health Products

We source and work closely with suppliers who provide excellent customer service and competitively priced animal health products.

We have R-SQP qualified staff who work hand-in-hand with our members' veterinary partners to ensure their livestock receive the products they need at competitive prices.

We run a Pig Medicine Group, where members benefit from substantial savings on annual health products by pooling their requirements with other pig producers. Our members see savings on average of 30% on inputs every year.

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Livestock Equipment

We work with a large network of suppliers and negotiate exclusive discounts on livestock supplies, equipment and services. Our members benefit from:

  • AI breeding supplies
  • Dairy chemicals and consumables
  • Bedding
  • Veterinary services and products
  • Milk recording
  • Silage inoculants
  • Animal health and livestock sundries
  • Ear tag ordering and replacements

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A lot of our Fram turnover is feed, and we are looking at least a 10% saving on the price we would be paying through other channels. We spend over £200,000 on feed, so the savings really stack up.