The Woodland Trust: Free Tree Guard Recycling Event



Free Tree Guard Recycling Event

The Woodland Trust are calling all those involved in forestry, farming, and conservation to help tackle plastic pollution in woodlands by bringing them your old tree guards to be recycled for FREE. 

There is no minimum/maximum number of guards you are required to bring.

Please click HERE for more details on how to get involved.

They will accept any PP or PE tree shelters and ties, but not PVC spirals, bio-based or biodegradable materials. To cause minimal disturbance to breeding birds, they strongly encourage that you remove any old tree and shrub guards no later than the end of March. Bags should be as full as possible, with tree guards nested within each other and stacked vertically. Plastic tree ties should be removed and put in the bags. For more information see HERE.

To book a time slot to attend the event please email :
[email protected]