How much you could save

We are one point of contact for your business to use. We act as principal in all transactions to purchase all of your farm business requirements. We will save you significant time in obtaining quotes from a range of suppliers and managing the administration of invoices and bank payments on your behalf. As a Member you simply email, telephone or text your requirements to the office wherever you are and we’ll do the rest, obtaining the most competitive prices and best value.

The main product groups are:                                                                       Average Savings
• Fertilisers ( FIAS Accredited Business )                                                                                       2-10%
• Agrochemicals                                                                                                                            3-10%
• Fuel/ Lubricants ( gasoil, kerosene, DERV and LPG )                                                                  3-10%
• Seed ( cereal, grass, maize and vegetable )                                                                               5-15%
• Feed ( ruminants and monogastrics )                                                                                          5-15%
• Animal Health Products ( vet and med supplies, livestock equipment, equine, game )             10-35%
• New Machinery & Finance                                                                                                           5-10%
• Spare Parts ( wearing parts, tyres, batteries and workshop consumables )                                 8-20%
• Building materials & supplies ( Ready mix, aggregates, all general requirements )                  10-30%
• Utilities (Electricity & Phones)                                                                                                     10-45%
• Health Insurance ( Bupa )                                                                                                            10-30%

We maintain direct accounts with over 1,200 suppliers, so Members can be sure that they will always benefit from convenience and consistently competitive prices. Everything we do is with your businesses’ best interests in mind and because we have no ‘commercial axe to grind’ you can also rely on us for independent, unbiased advice. The final buying decision always remains with the Member and we use various forms of communication to stay in close contact with the farming Members. We do not hold stock; all products are delivered direct to farm and any negotiated product rebates are returned to Members in full.