Simon Watchorn, Earsham Park Farm, Norfolk

“Joining Fram Farmers has simplified my business as well as enabling me to benefit from the Group’s buying power when purchasing feed, diesel, electricity, telephones, steel and building materials. I bought chemicals effectively before but it was very time consuming. With Fram Farmers doing this it frees me to concentrate on the bits that make the world go around - I can focus on the pigs and getting production right.”

  • <span style="background-color: #ffffff; font-size: 14pt;"><strong><a href="" target="_blank"><span>Case IH</span></a><br /></strong></span><span style="background-color: #ffffff; font-size: 12pt;">Fram Farmers long standing fleet deal is the largest of its kind in Europe and offers farms purchasing new equipment additional savings, with the assurance of great back-up throughout its dealer network.<br /></span><p style="font-size: 12px; background-color: #ffffff;"><span style="font-size: 12pt;"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></span><br /><span style="font-size: 12pt;"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></span></p>
  • <span style="font-size: 16px; line-height: 22.3999996185303px;"><strong>What our Members say...<br /></strong><br />To listen to what our Members say about being a Shareholder Member of Fram Farmers, please click on the image or follow the link: <br /><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Fram Farmers Members</strong></a></span>
  • <span style="font-size: 12pt"><strong>Mike Goddard, Guston Court Farm, Dover</strong></span>
<p><span style="font-size: 12pt;">"Since joining Fram Farmers we have completely changed the way we buy, and the way we sell. It was only a month or so after joining that we realised what we&#8217;d been missing. They are always competitive.&#8221;</span></p>
  • <span style="font-size: 16px; line-height: 22.3999996185303px;"><strong>James Nott, JR &amp; EH Nott</strong><br />Halstead, Essex<br /><br />To listen to James talk about the advantages of being a shareholder of Fram Farmers, click on the image or follow this link:&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>James Nott</strong></a></span>
  • <span style="font-size: 16px; line-height: 22.3999996185303px;"><strong>Tim Galloway, Galloway Farms Ltd</strong><br />Epping Essex<br /><br />To listen to Tim talk about the advantages of being a Fram Farmers Member, please click on the image or follow the link: <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Tim Galloway</strong></a></span>
Over 50 years of Farmer Cooperation
Fram Farmers provide the purchasing, grain marketing and administrative function for over 1400 farming businesses across the UK. We act as an extension to your farm office, with industry professionals purchasing and marketing your core agricultural inputs and outputs on your behalf. 

Why should your farming business join us? 
  • We are an extension of your farm office, saving you valuable time and saving on your administration resources. 
  • We offer trusted and transparent market information, aimed at achieving the best value and gross margin for your business.
  • Reduce risk by forward buying at a fixed price.
Fram Farmers, based in Framlingham, Suffolk, takes the administrative burden away from your farm office. Our services include processing and streamlining invoices and bank payments. We are a true not-for-profit farmer owned co-operative and we are passionate about upholding the principals upon which Fram Farmers was founded over 50 years ago. We plan farm business requirements, aggregate volumes and negotiate very competitive prices backed by professional services and impartial market information.

Weekly Trends (Guide only) Updated 14th October 2019

Gasoil ppl



Kero ppl 46.2
LPG ppl35.50

AN Import  240

Gran Urea 271

Soya Meal306

Feed Wheat 130