Silage Inoculants

We are able to source a range of silage inoculants formulated to produce results in silages made from grass, whole crop, and maize forages.

There are many different silage additives on the market with various modes of action, including acids, inoculants, enzymes and absorbents. Enzymes are typically included in inoculants, but there are a few enzyme only additives.

Silage additives vary, so it is vital to ensure they are suited to the circumstances (e.g. crop dry matter) and crop so they can deliver the required benefit. Always check the manufacturer’s information and apply according to the instructions.

An additive cannot make a bad grass crop into good silage. Making good silage and clamping or wrapping it well should be a high priority.

Inoculant Additives

  • The most popular additive in the UK
  • Promote efficient fermentation
  • Typically contain one or more lactic acid bacteria
  • Aim to reduce pH rapidly and preserve protein
  • Research on some products shows silage is preserved better than with acids
  • Can increase dry matter intakes and possibly improve protein N utilization
  • Some can destroy clostridia which is particularly dangerous to sheep 

Acid additives (e.g. formic acid)

  • Inhibit or stop fermentation, by giving a rapid pH decline.
  • Still have a role with low dry matter silages
  • Increase aerobic stability
  • Reduce palatability of silage
  • Can be hazardous (corrosive and toxic) and polluting

Absorbents (e.g. sugar beet pulp)

  • Reduce effluent loss in low dry matter silage

Please contact Jodie Allen regarding your Additive or Inoculant choices, and we will be able to advise prices according to the quantities required.

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