Animal Feed:

Fram Farmers has a strong Livestock Team who all have their different areas of expertise. They are especially focussed on following the markets and purchasing feed and straights at the best possible times when forward buying, or obviously negotiating the best prices with traders for spot buying.

Feed for all species whether Ruminant or Monogastric are covered. Contact the team for buying forward and spot for the following Straights:

  • Straights

o   Rapemeal

o   Hipro Soya

o   Soya Hulls

o   Maize

  •  Moist Feeds
  •  Molasses
  •  Fram Farmers work closely with our in-house Grain Marketing team, and are therefore able to source:

o   Feed Wheat

o   Feed Barley

o   Pulses

  •    Compound feeds - for most species are available by the pallet (in bags) or in bulk
  •    Milk Replacer Powders

o   Whey, or Skim based powders may be sourced

  •  Feed Supplements:
  • Minerals

o   Free Access

o   In Feed

o   Buckets

o   Blocks

  •  Protected Fats; Calcium Soaps and C16s – sometimes these may available on contract - market dependant, a range of products are watched closely – including the following:

o   Megalac

o   Nutrilac

o   Butterfat Extra

o   Energiser RP10

o   Bergafat F-100

  •  Yeasts
  •  Acid Buf
  •  Limestone Flour
  •  Sodium Bicarbonate
  •  Feed Grade Salts, including: 

o   Himalayan Pink Lump Rock Salt (tote bags or 25kg bags)

o   PDV Salt

o   IVS Salt

  •  Magnesium Chloride Flakes
  •  Feed Grade Urea
  • Cal Mag (Magnesium Oxide)
  • Caustic Soda Pearl


Please note, any prices sourced must remain CONFIDENTIAL and are NOT to be shared