Fuel is a major area for us and we purchase around 45 million litres per year.  Most of this is gas oil but we also buy kerosene, derv and petrol.  We receive daily prices from 25 different suppliers across our 5 main geographic areas, however because we deal with all major suppliers we can arrange delivery to anywhere in the country. 

As well as saving money we like to make the ordering process as simple as possible for Members.  As we have address details in place some Members are on the phone for less than a minute giving us their requirements.  Their order is then confirmed by email and the next thing they see is the delivery arriving 2 or 3 days later.  In urgent circumstances we always do our best to arrange even quicker deliveries!

We also run forward buying schemes in which members can book a volume at a fixed price, or we have bought a large volume (often over 3 million litres) against committed orders from Members.  This is an area that we are looking to increase so that costs can be known and fixed to avoid the volatility that has been a feature of the market over recent years.