We offer a variety of extra services, developed for Members:

  • Framtrade
    Framtrade Ltd is a trading company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fram Farmers. It has its own Board and is challenged to generate a consistent surplus for Fram Farmers. The company’s principal activities include bulk and bottled gas, Liquid fuels and bird scaring products. The business also offers a consultancy role to a number of Farmer Co-operatives and businesses looking to purchase electricity. Members of Fram Farmers benefit financially by the further aggregation of volume by Framtrade and its policy to pass on the benefit at competitive margins to the public. Click HERE for more details.

  • Pension Enrolment Scheme
    The rules on Company Pension Schemes have changed dramatically. Government legislation means all UK employers have to automatically enrol their staff into a workplace pension. Therefore every workplace pension must comply with the Pensions Regulator. Fram Farmers in conjunction with One Pension Consultancy, are now offering Members an Enrolment Scheme, click HERE for more details.

  • AgriFly 
    Fram Farmers are now able to supply and train Members to use UAV’s on Farm. AgriFly has been setup to supply both drones and a training service to farms throughout the country. These are an ideal introduction into the world of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and can be used for a number of tasks on the farm. Click HERE for more details.