Fram Farmers have now attained MINDFUL EMPLOYER status

At Fram Farmers we recognise that Mental Health remains a difficult area for many people to discuss but it’s very important to us that we encourage our employees to be as open and comfortable as they can talking about these issues with their Manager. 


Fram Farmers have now attained MINDFUL EMPLOYER status by signing up to a charter for employers who are positive in their approach to mental health issues.  This initiative gives our Managers access to information, practical support, training and networks to help them develop a full awareness of Mental Health issues and be able to support their teams in whichever way they can or give them guidance in any next steps that may be required.

Fram Farmers have also signed up to MINDFUL EMPLOYER PLUS which gives our employees access to a 24/7 independent and completely confidential staff helpline offering support for whatever life throws at them.

The Charter for Employers who are Positive about Mental Health is a voluntary agreement seeking to support employers in working within the spirit of its positive approach. The Charter is one element of the MINDFUL EMPLOYER initiative which is aimed at increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace and supporting businesses in recruiting and retaining staff.

A wide range of employers from all over the UK are involved in the initiative which gives businesses and organisations easier access to information, practical support, training, networks and assistance from other employers.

MINDFUL EMPLOYER is a UK-wide initiative run by Workways, part of Devon Partnership NHS Trust. More information Back to news listing