Fram Farmers Members benefit from new Business Manager Features


As part of our forthcoming Business Manager software release, due January 2018, members of Fram Farmers will be able to easily input their monthly e-statement into the program. 

Over the last few months Fram Farmers have been working with our development team, here at Farmplan, to create and test a new feature for Business Manager, designed to help streamline accounts management.

Ian Caley, Group Accountant at Fram Farmers says, “Until eighteen months ago all Fram Farmers Members received paper statements, which was a costly and laborious process for both parties. To improve efficiency, we subsequently developed a process whereby those Members who wanted to receive statements and invoices by email could do so. We now have over 50 per cent of our Membership taking up this option of receiving their monthly statements only in an electronic format. This process was taken a stage further by adding a csv file version of the statement. This csv file contains all the information we capture from the invoices thus enabling Members to upload directly into farm accounts software.

Our simplified accounting procedures already provide Members with real savings in terms of time and money. This new benefit is simply the next step in improving our processes and enabling our Members to continue to save time and effort whilst managing their accounts records.

I am delighted to advise that the testing, which has been carried out with a group of about 40 Members over the last three months, has been very successful. From October our Members began receiving their monthly e-mailed statement together with a csv file version.”

Sally Ashwell, Farmplan Product Coordinator adds, “It’s this new csv file which users of Business Manager can then import straight in to the software. In just a few clicks you can view all invoice information helping to make accounts management easier.

We’re delighted to be working with Fram Farmers on this project as it will bring additional time saving and potentially financial benefits to both Farmplan and Fram Farmers customers.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Business Manager software please call 01594 545000 or click below and a member of the team will be in touch to arrange your free software demonstration.