Fram Farmers operates as an Industrial & Provident Society. Though there is no joining fee, Members are required to hold four £5 shares ( Total £20 ), each Member having an equal shareholding, irrespective of the size of their business, thereby creating the co-operative status of the business.

We operate two types of membership Scheme to suit your specific business. Based on many years experience, some intensive businesses are more suited to a levy scheme based on turnover per quarter. However the vast majority prefer a flat payment per hectare derived from your annual cropped hectares declaration to us. Both Schemes attract an additional annual payment described as the Yearly Membership Fee. Where applicable, the Hectarage Scheme can attract specific levies on feedstuffs and animal health products.

Marketing Department fees are based on a tonnage levy which is deducted from sale proceeds at the time of payment to the Member.

Members can participate in purchasing activities, marketing activities, or both and we do not require 100% commitment from the outset as we understand it takes time to integrate your farm business into the Co-operative.

We are always interested in speaking to farm businesses who are interested in our style of co-operation. Prospective Members are welcome to visit our office ( by appointment ) or we would be delighted to visit your farm to discuss the advantages of Membership. Farm businesses are able to apply at any time of year, and applications are reviewed monthly by the Board. We have three types of Membership available, summarised below:

Full Shareholder – Able to make use of both the grain marketing and input purchasing services.

Marketing Shareholder – For grain marketing services only.

Advisor – Non shareholder Membership for on farm advisors, for example independent agronomists or nutritionists.