Case studies

Below is a list of case studies which ably demonstrate just some of the benefits of joining AtlasFram. Some see an uplift in their production, some manage a scheme to share expensive equipment with a neighbouring farm, some find local contractors and some simply save money. In each and every case, the advantages of membership are clear to see.

New contracts maximise OSR returns

AtlasFram Group’s highly-successful alliance with ADM Direct has delivered two new marketing contracts for oilseed rape which will increase returns for Members who grow this vitally important crop. 


AtlasFram Machinery Scheme maximises benefits to Norfolk estate

The rebates on Case IH machinery which Norfolk farming business T. R. Cook has obtained through the AtlasFram Group during the last three years have exceeded the cost of Membership several times over. This has enabled the business to enjoy the many other advantages of Membership, effectively for free.

Robotic milking increases production
Robotic milking has increased average production by just over 1,000 litres per cow in two years on the Sussex farm of AtlasFram Member Nick Adames. It has also helped to counter the effects of stocking restrictions in a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone, resulting in a 38% margin over purchased feed and allowed the 'traditional' grass-based system, which the family has operated with their British Friesians since the 1890s, to continue.


Sharing machinery benefits we have maintained our independence - AtlasFram Members
Flexibility and meticulous record keeping are the keys to a successful, if informal, machinery-sharing venture between AtlasFram Members the Styles Farming Partnership and Helmingham Estate Farms in Suffolk.