Fram Farmers Farm Business

Benchmarking exercises have recently demonstrated input savings, and these range from 5-45% dependent upon product type and product mix, which can translate into savings of £15 - £75 per hectare depending on the type of farming enterprise and region of the country. We have a very strong dairy group which purchases inputs and services for more than 25,000 cows, achieving savings of £40 -£80 per cow.

Fram Farmers also achieves savings of up to £20 per head for pig, beef and sheep producers, while Members who market their grain through the office at Framlingham have experienced benefit of up to £25 per tonne.


The main product groups are:Average Savings
Fertilisers ( FIAS Accredited Business )2-10%
Fuel/ Lubricants ( gasoil, kerosene, DERV and LPG )3-10%
Seed ( cereal, grass, maize and vegetable )5-15% 
Feed ( ruminants and monogastrics ) 
Animal Health Products ( vet and med supplies, livestock equipment, equine, game ) 
New Machinery & Finance 
Spare Parts ( wearing parts, tyres, batteries and workshop consumables ) 
Building materials & supplies ( Ready mix, aggregates, all general requirements ) 
Utilities (Electricity & Phones) 
Health Insurance ( Bupa )