Membership Benefits

Fram Farmers operates as an Industrial & Provident Society and therefore not for profit. Farm Businesses are required to hold four £5 shares giving each Member an equal shareholding, irrespective of the size of their business, thereby creating the co-operative status of the business.

Fram Farmers has significant influence in the market because the business which we place with key suppliers, and the way we conduct it, makes us a vital part of their own business and longer term development strategy.

Over the years we have established long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers across a wide range of product groups, from agrochemicals to machinery to livestock feed. As a result of the volume of business which we place with our suppliers we are able to negotiate consistently competitive terms on our Members’ behalf. We constantly monitor our operating performance and benchmark ourselves against farming businesses outside of the Co-operative.

Benchmarking exercises have recently demonstrated input savings, and these range from 5-45% dependent upon product type and product mix, which can translate into savings of £15-£75 per hectare depending on the type of farming enterprise and region of the country. We have a very strong dairy sector which purchases inputs and services for more than 25,000 cows, achieving savings of £40-£80 per cow. Fram Farmers also achieves savings of up to £20 per head for pig, beef and sheep producers, while Members who market their grain through the office at Framlingham have experienced benefit of up to £25 per tonne.

Members also enjoy substantial savings on a wide range of other products and services such as building materials, electricity and telephones, while the Group’s fleet partnership arrangements with machinery and vehicle manufacturers can save thousands of pounds on individual purchases.

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