Pool Marketing
We offer Grain marketing pools all grades of wheat for Harvest, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar and Apr-Jun periods. Our pools are managed, in conjunction with Archer Daniels Midland Company and benefit from the following:

• Consistent, reliable market leading performance
• All sales are credit insured
• The ability to maximise quality premiums
• Locally managed with global input
• Competitive advance payments available
• Competitive Marketing Fees

Minimum Premium Contracts
Members have access to competitive minimum premium contracts for many varieties of wheat.

Exclusive access to premium contracts for new varieties
Through our partnership with Archer Daniels Midland Company, members can gain early access to premium contracts for new wheat varieties before they are widely adopted by the milling industry.

ADM Connect
The exclusive Archer Daniels Midland Company Connect milling contract is available to members. AFG/ADM Connect growers benefit from:

• Intake analysis averaged across the contract tonnage
• Access to the intake analysis for each load
• 21 Day payment
• No weighbridge charges
• Free DON testing
• Pre delivery samples tested at point of delivery

Harvest Storage
Members' have access to competitive storage arrangements for most grades of wheat offering prompt harvest movement.

Conventional ‘spot’ Trading
In addition to the options above we also buy members grain on a conventional basis and have access to a wide range of delivery destinations ensuring members can maximize the potential for all grades of wheat.