Pool Marketing

Fram Farmers Crop Marketing Department goes from strength to strength as more Members prove for themselves that we can generate the best returns for their combinable crops.

Our partnership with ADM gives us the inside track on global trends, world stocks, yields, tonnages traded and market requirements, which has proved extremely helpful in volatile markets. We offer a wide range of marketing options, so one will be just right for your needs.

Fram Farmers pools provide a very simple, safe method of marketing grain and generate consistently above-average returns without the considerable risks of ‘spot’ selling.

Managed by grain market professionals who take care of day-to-daay marketing decisions, they provide the opportunity to add value with premiums where applicable, a choice of payment dates, access to advance payments at favourable rates, credit insurance on sales, a storage option and flexible haulage arrangements. What’s more, they are supervised by a committee of representatives from Fram Farmers and ADM, who collectively have tremendous knowledge of grain marketing, farming and agronomy. The committee sets the sales strategy and monitors pool performance to ensure that Members derive maximum benefit from adopting this approach.

Commitments to our pools for 2014 are at their highest level for 12 years, with those who operate contract farming arrangements finding it particularly beneficial to delegate crop marketing to an impartial third-party working entirely on their behalf.

We currently offer four pool periods for cereals and oilseed rape – a ‘harvest’ pool covering crop movement in August and September, 1 October to 31 December, 1 January to 31 March and 1 April to 30 June – together with pools for break crops.

Farmers have historically been reluctant to change the way they market their grain, but differences of this magnitude provide a powerful incentive to reconsider. You invest a great deal of time, effort and money in growing crops so it makes sense to maximise returns by marketing them more effectively.

We would therefore urge you to give us the opportunity to prove what we can do, and you can start by committing just four loads!

• Managed by grain marketing professionals
• Pool committee setting strategy and monitoring performance
• Comprehensive choice of pool periods
• Individual payments based on quality
• Opportunity to add value, with premiums where applicable
• Choice of payment dates
• Advance payments
• Fully audited
• Storage option

“I have an excellent rapport with the Crop Marketing Team at Fram Farmers who provide a really personalised service geared around my requirements and do their utmost to be flexible. The marketing fees are very competitive, they organise everything and, of course, achieve very good prices” - Alan Mayhew, Suffolk

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