Pool Marketing
We offer Grain marketing pools for Harvest, Oct-Dec, Jan-Mar and Apr-Jun periods. Our pools are managed  in conjunction with ADM and benefit from the following:

• Consistent, reliable market leading performance
• All sales are credit insured
• The ability to maximise quality premiums
• Locally managed with global input
• Competitive advance payments available
• Competitive Marketing Fees

Premium Contracts
Through our direct relationship with the largest rapeseed crusher in Europe, we have access to premium contract opportunities for conventional varieties. In the past has included EnergyRape and Power rape contracts. Members now have access to the exclusive LEAF Marque contract which offers a significant premium for growers adopting the Leaf Marque protocols.

HOLL Rapeseed
The High Oleic, Low Linolenic (HOLL) Rapeseed contract gives members the opportunity to grow special varieties of rapeseed to supply the premium frying oil market.

September Storage
Members have access to an exclusive contract which allows rapseed to be cleared from farm in September directly to ADM’s crushing plant at Erith and with the ability to price the seed later in the season at no cost.

Harvest Storage
We have access to a comprehensive range of local stores offering very competitive storage, handling and conditioning rates.