Grain Marketing

Fram Farmers Grain Marketing Department provides a comprehensive marketing service for Members’ cereals, oilseed rape and pulses, with a wide range of benefits:

• More than 30 years experience
• First-class track record
• Allows you to access global markets through an organisation which you know and trust
• Totally independent unbiased advice
• Excellent choice of pools and ex-farm trading facilities
• Advance payments
• Credit insurance on all transactions
• TASCC accredited
• Haulage arranged in house

Our Grain Marketing Department has a strategic partnership with ADM, one of the world’s largest processors.


Being part of this global network provides significant benefits:

• Access to a wide range of global markets and contracts
• A long term relationship with a major consumer
• Large ‘in-house’ demand from ADM’s mills and crushing plants ensuring continuity of demand
• Enhanced financial returns
• ‘In-house’ marketing and logistic specialists