Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services are a very important consideration for a Livestock Farmer, whereby the relationship with your Vet is vital.

As a co-operative we do have accounts set-up with some Veterinary Practices / Groups, although our aim is to remain as independent as possible and not overly involve ourselves – as this may concern some Vets.

We can also purchase Veterinary Medicines on your behalf.

How We Work

·        Bench marking may be done upon request for specific products for members.

·        If we do not have an account with your vet, but you do decide to purchase POM-V medicines through the group - we are able to source POM-V products from 1 of 2 alternative companies.

·        A prescription would be required from your Vet – for which there is likely to be a fee – (usually ~£12 - £20).

Lameness and Mastitis – preventing these in Cattle are not only important for the animal’s welfare, but also for production and cost efficiencies.

Quite often during the summer months there are Bulk Buy deals on Teat Sealants.

We can also source other hoof related products from specialist suppliers:

·        Animal Health sundries may also include our purchasing Hoof Blocks, various brands of glue (such as Bovibond, Moo Gloo), mixing tips and bandages.

·        Foot baths such as Healthy Hooves 101 and Kling On Blue are popular

Veterinary Groups

Examples of Veterinary Groups we deal with are as follows:

  • Oakwood Veterinary Group
  • Westpoint Farm Vets
  • Farmacy (Vet Meds)
  • Garth Pig Practice Ltd
  • Stowe Veterinary Group
  • Tyndale Veterinary Practice
  • Green Counties Vets
  • Molecare Veterinary Services
  • Nantwich Veterinary Group


Livestock and Veterinary Services – such as visits, consultations and lab fees do not incur a levy fee.