Milk Recording

Dairy Farming is constantly changing and restructuring to optimise efficiency and is internationally competitive. The introduction of new technology and husbandry techniques has resulted in an extremely modern and efficient industry.

Milk Recording has had an essential role to play in the efficiencies gained over the years, by providing dairy farmers with all the data and information they require to assist them in the management of their business. In this day and age, we are finding it is more vital than ever to ensure that the animals in our Farmers’ herds are producing milk profitably.

We have direct accounts with Milk Recording providers who are offering tailor made advice and have a variety of services depending on our Dairy Farmers requirements.

·         Milk Recording – helps makes decisions about your future herd, from breeding to feeding:

  • A number of different packages are available depending on your requirements, including Bulk Milk Tank volume and quality, etc

·         Cell Count – helps pinpoint cows in the herd  with high cell counts:

  • This is important because if the number of Somatic Cells increase, milk yield is likely to decrease – usually due to damage occurred from Mastitis pathogens and toxins
  • Butterfat and Protein Analysis if required

·         Pedigree Packages – with official Milk Recording, along with Fertility and Health Recording

·         Disease Testing – Milk, tissue and blood samples enable health testing for the following: 

  • Disease testing for Johne’s, BVD, IBR & Leptosira
  • Ketosis / Acidosis, and  also Milk Urea analysis to assist with feed management

·         Breeding programmes  and genetic evaluations, including parentage and genetic traits

·         Pregnancy Checks – From timely breeding to pregnancy confirmation to successful calving – samples detects Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins (PAGs) in the milk sample.