Dairy Chemicals

The Livestock Team are able to source a full range of Dairy hygiene chemicals across several brands at preferential prices. Dairy Chemicals are available in a number of drum sizes including 25L, 200L and IBCs - to ensure the highest standards in milk quality under diverse farm conditions.

We do not deal with every brand directly, but strive to ensure strong working relationships with Area Sales Managers for their Technical Support and the Agri-merchant Suppliers (who are forward thinking enough to work with Fram Farmers) in order supply our Dairy farmer members nationally with quality products.

We also have some direct accounts with Dairy Servicing engineers, many of whom will provide a range of Dairy Consumables too.

These suppliers will provide the range of products and services to support clean milk production, optimal udder health and provide the backup necessary in the event of unexpected problems.

Dairy Consumables

We purchase a range of Dairy consumables from a number of suppliers, especially including;

  • Gloves
  • Paper Towels





Disinfection is one of the main biosecurity measures to control the spread of animal diseases. Equipment, vehicles, protective clothing and footwear must all be cleaned and disinfected before and after contact with farm animals. Disinfectants can also be used as biosecurity barriers for vehicles and people at farm entrances.

Before disinfecting structures such as sheds or trailers, you should clean them with detergents to remove organic matter and oily films. Disinfectants should be applied under low pressure, for example from a backpack sprayer.

Please contact the team for further information and prices – Tel: 01728 727 716.