Animal Health 

The Animal Health and Livestock Department is being used as an increasingly important service to our Livestock Farms, particularly for convenience and the added advantage of financial benefits. 

The Livestock Department has increased its annual turnover, now purchasing £4.3 million of animal health products per year.

We strive to find suppliers who provide excellent service and who are keen to work with us helping to provide competitively priced animal health products. 

We are able to source and provide numerous animal health products. Although primarily for Dairy and Beef Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Poultry, we can provide many health products for companion animals such as your farm’s Dogs, Cats and Horses. 

If in any doubt to what range of products and equipment we can source on your behalf.

Please ring the Livestock teamand speak to Jessica, our “Animal Health and Livestock Specialist”,Tel: 01728 727716.

Alternatively email Jessica- [email protected]


Range of animal health products:
For farm animals, poultry, equine and companion animals.

Animal Health

• Wormers (Drench, Paste, Pour On, Injectables)
• Fly and Flea Control (Pour On, Spot On, Injectables and Dips)
• Vaccines
• Nutritional Bolus / Supplements
• Dosing Equipment
• Trace Element Supplements

Livestock Breeding and Rearing
• Cattle and Sheep Breeding Equipment 
• Colostrum 
• Lambing and Calving health products and equipment 


• Identification – Marker Sprays, Tail Paint and Tape, Raddles and Crayons 
• Cattle, Sheep and Pig Ear Tags 
• Tattooing and Hog Slappers 

Health Sundries 

• Stockman Equipment and Veterinary Accessories 
• Dressings and Bandages 
• Hoof Care 
• Clipping and Shearing Equipment Hygiene 
• Hygiene Equipment and Consumables 
• Disinfectants 
• Dairy Parlour Hygiene 
• Teat Care 
• Dairy Parlour Clothing 
• Pest and Fly Control 

Livestock Equipment 
• Water Troughs 
• Feeding Equipment 
• Cattle Crushes and Sheep Handling Equipment 
• Hurdles and Gates 

Medicine Categories: 

AVM-GSL – Authorised Veterinary Medicine
General Sales List (supplied by any retailer) 

POM-VPS - Prescription Only Medicine

Vet, Pharmacist, or Suitable Qualified Person (prescribed and supplied by any of these Registered Qualified Persons)

NFA-VPS – Non Food Animal

Vet, Pharmacist, or Suitable Qualified Person (prescribed and supplied by any of these Registered Qualified Persons)

POM-V- Prescription Only Medicine – Veterinarian

Some veterinary products may still require a prescription from your vet, such as POM-V listed products (Prescription Only Medicine – Vet). 

A large number of livestock farms are procuring their drugs and vaccines through Fram Farmers; they have set up prescription writing only services with their vets. Most of the time all we need to provide such products are your Vet’s contact details to pass on to our supplier so they can request a prescription. Other times, you may need to request a prescription directly from your vet and forward it to us, so we can give to the relevant supplier. Usually prescriptions are valid for 6 months – please check with your vet.