Livestock Inputs

Members are increasingly turning to Fram Farmers to secure the feed and livestock supplies that they need to operate their businesses because of the benefits which we offer.

The significant benefits which Fram Farmers Members achieve by ordering their feed and livestock supplies through the co-operative has been reflected by the increasing volume of business which we have transacted during the last 12 months. Since this time last year the volume of feed purchased by Fram Farmers on behalf of Members has increased to more than 32,200 tonnes, approximately 25%, while the value of livestock related purchases has increased by 28%. This has resulted in the Livestock Inputs Department increasing its annual turnover to £33.7 million, including £4.3 million of animal health products.

Yet, despite the scale of the business, we remain relatively small compared with many national suppliers and are therefore able to offer the unique, personalised service which Members both require and appreciate. At a time when the industry faces considerable challenges this is an excellent achievement.

We are pleased to report that a number of new Members have joined us, ranging from small family-run farms to very large livestock businesses. A key driver of Fram Farmers growing presence in the livestock sector has been the pro-active approach adopted by the department.

Livestock team:
• Purchasing covers a diverse range of products
• Accounts with Key suppliers and manufacturers
• Department receives live up-to-date grain market information through links with ADM
• Always looking at new products and suppliers
• Straights updates
• Livestock Newsletters
• Work closely with Independent Consultants