Crop Protection

Fram Farmers purchases over £30m of chemicals for its farming businesses across the country each year.

We negotiate on behalf of our farmer Members with all the national agrochemical distribution companies to gain best price and value on all crop protection products. Farm businesses order their requirements through the Fram Farmers office via the website, email or phone.

We select the most appropriate supplier/suppliers to deliver the order, usually for next day delivery. We have very good relationships with major agrochemical manufacturers. Aggregation of volume, planning product production and usage with them delivers benefits up and down the supply chain, but ultimately very competitive pricing to the farming Members.

We strive to achieve the lowest invoice price for products throughout the season. We also negotiate extra monies on certain products at the end of each season, which are then all paid back to Members in the form of a rebate.

We work closely with Independent Agronomists who advise on over two thirds of our Members farms.