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Our simplified accounting procedures provide members with real savings in terms of time and money. Monthly direct debit payments mean no cheques to write, no bank charges, no stamps to purchase and no envelopes to write and post. To aid cash flow management, all direct debit payment dates are notified annually in advance.

Member farm businesses have highly secure password protected access to their own Members area (part of the Fram Farmers website). This allows them access to all market information, purchase orders, grain sales contracts, searchable supplier directory, the ability to view statements and invoices and the opportunity to order online to both their main account and contract farming accounts.

Members receive a monthly statement around the middle of the month, an interim statement is also available on request, copies of the original supplier invoices are attached to these statements, enabling Members to identify the exact purchase price.

Fram Farmers has made significant investment in its computer systems over the years and continues to invest to ensure running costs of the business are kept as low as possible and also to ensure Members have access to all the information they require about their account, market price trends and products supply information for example.

EDI and OCR systems allow an ever – increasing number of purchase invoices to be processed electronically.

Text messaging enables quick and easy communication with Members and is used regularly to keep them informed of pricing information in particular with regard to grain marketing and fuel purchasing.

Member identity cards are provided to allow Members to book goods direct from suppliers through the Fram Farmers account.

We can also provide, if requested, separate Member accounts to reflect different farming interests. These accounts will identify specific transactions relevant to the nominated enterprise along with their own statement.