About Framtrade Limited

Framtrade Ltd is a trading company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fram Farmers. It has its own Board and is challenged to generate a consistent surplus for Fram Farmers. The company’s principal activities include bulk and bottled gas, Liquid fuels and bird scaring products. The business also offers a consultancy role to a number of Farmer Co-operatives and businesses looking to purchase electricity. Members of Fram Farmers benefit financially by the further aggregation of volume by Framtrade and its policy to pass on the benefit at competitive margins to the public.

What we do
FRAMTRADE has an annual turnover of over £3.75m with its primary products being bulk and bottled gas, liquid fuels, heaters, bird scaring devices and Calor equipment.

FRAMTRADE operates its gas business as FRAMGAS across the franchised area of East Suffolk. We operate three liveried Isuzu vehicles and pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service. Gary Pleasance has managed the business for many years and he and his team have a wide experience in being able to deliver the products and customer service you are looking for. Four of the team hold ADR Licences which enables them to transport dangerous goods by road.
Bottled Calor Gas
Bottled gas is a key product area for our FRAMGAS division which sells in excess of 20,000 cylinders per annum.

FRAMGAS is a main distributor for CALOR and supplies dealers within the franchised area of east Suffolk - delivering daily with our three liveried Isuzu lorries. Collection can be made from our depot during office hours (Monday to Friday). 

Commercial Bulk Gas
LPG is supplied as either CALOR or AVANTI GAS.

We handle over 3.8 million litres per annum and can offer very attractive terms. 

Bird Scaring Devices
Bird scaring devices are another important line for the business, as well as gas guns and cartridges.

Rope bangers, rockets and kites can all be bought through the Framtrade office. 

Liquid Fuels: Kerosene, Gas Oil (tractor diesel) & Derv
In addition to LPG, Framtrade can take and place orders for domestic heating oil (Kerosene) and currently has in excess of 2,500 Domestic customers making use of this facility.

We also procure Road diesel (Derv) and Red Diesel (Gas Oil). 

Calour Equipment, heaters & fires
For other products including gas fires, heaters, patio heaters and barbecues please contact the Framtrade office.

For more information, please visit www.framtrade.co.uk