Chief Executive Statement

Cooperation is massively important to UK agriculture and will become even more so in the future, yet many farmers don’t fully understand the benefits. Some interpret it simply as belonging to an organisation which buys in bulk at prices lower than they could themselves, but there’s far more to it than that!

With the manufacture and supply of key farm inputs now in the hands of a few, trans-national companies the only way that farmers can have a voice at the negotiating table is through greater cooperation. But for that to happen, all in the supply chain must work together more closely, which depends on having strong, trusting relationships in which each understands the other’s business, requirements and aspirations. Once that has been achieved, good things can happen, such as taking out cost and trading together more sustainably for mutual benefit!

Catalyst for cooperation
As a true cooperative which operates in the Members’ best interests, and on a sufficient scale to investigate new opportunities, Fram Farmers is a catalyst for cooperation. An excellent example is our partnership with ADM Direct, Muntons, a leading UK based manufacturer and supplier of malt, malt extract and malted ingredients works closely with us to exchange industry-leading sustainability best practice and secure access to local markets for Members’ grain. This aligns perfectly with the Government’s aim of encouraging ‘climate smart’ farming, where the supply chain works together locally and sustainably.
Saturn Agriculture, a buying platform for Fram Farmers, Dengie Crops Ltd and Woldmarsh Producers Ltd, continues to go from strength to strength. An excellent example of strong cooperatives cooperating on the basis of mutual trust, Saturn also enables its Members to think/plan together, devolve best practice, conduct joint research/development and share operational costs.
Increasing business
Fram Farmers, too, continues to develop. Turnover in the first six months of the current financial year rose 9.6% and Membership is up as farmers recognise that for a small fixed investment they can enjoy significant savings (worth £15 - £75/ha for arable farms and 1–1 1/2p per litre for dairy enterprises for example) and benefit from access to a wealth of independent market advice that no individual farming enterprise could replicate.
To all prospective and existing Members, I would like to remind you of the need for confidentiality regarding the special terms that we negotiate on your behalf. Only by keeping this information within Fram Farmers will we be able to maintain the very favourable pricing and value that we offer.
Richard Anscombe, Chief Executive