About Us

Fram Farmers has over 60 years of experience and is the purchasing, grain marketing and administrative function of 1400 farming businesses across the UK.
We act as an extension to your farm office, with industry professionals purchasing and marketing your core agricultural inputs and outputs.

Fram Farmers purchases more than £190 million of products and services annually on behalf of more than 1400 Members. Its members farm in excess of 350 000ha, purchase 110 000 tonnes of fertilizer, 45 million litres of fuel, 100 000 tonnes of livestock feed and £30m of agrochemicals. Operating with a very strong balance sheet gives suppliers added security and confidence in a volatile trading environment.

Cooperation has been around in many forms for many years, but even the largest individual farms are increasingly recognising the benefits of working together and streamlining their invoice processing. Our Members certainly know that by pooling their purchasing and marketing power they have much greater influence in the market. It is their commitment which gives Fram Farmers its strength.